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Toothaches are common, but that doesn’t discount the pain they cause. Some are just annoying, but others can be so painful that you have to stay home from work or school. When you have a toothache in Anderson, South Carolina, it’s best to try to find the cause so you can then determine the right course of action. Here are some common reasons for a toothache:

– Something is stuck between your teeth: The solution here is simple: try brushing and flossing to get it out.

– Damaged dental work: A broken dental crown, dental bridge, or dental filling can apply a strain on your tooth and cause discomfort. If this is the case, call Dr. Robert Berkowitz as soon as possible so we can fix the damage and prevent it from getting any worse.

– An infection, such as an abscess: There are cases when your tooth’s pulp may have been compromised. You may have severe pain here, or pain the comes and goes along with an abscess on your gums above the tooth. You’ll immediately want to visit Trinity Dental Center for an official diagnosis and a possible emergency root canal.

– Tooth decay: If your tooth is suffering a cavity, please seek healing right away. You can typically tell it’s a cavity causing the toothache if brushing, flossing, and rinsing as well as swishing with salt water does not help.

If a serious issue is causing your toothache, please give Trinity Dental Center a call and book an appointment. All you need to do is dial 864-642-4630 and we’ll be here to rescue your smile.