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If you have a cavity, you must choose which kind of filling you can use to treat it with. With small to medium-sized fillings, tooth-colored fillings, also called composite fillings, tend to work best whereas, with large cavities, dental amalgams are the preferred method of treatment. Listed below are some other reasons why you should choose composite fillings:

– For cavities that are often too minuscule for dental amalgams to adequately fix, composites can be used effectively and safely.

– When a composite filling is damaged, it does not need to be taken out, but rather it can be repaired multiple times without the need to ever remove the original.

– Dental amalgams use mercury to hold the different metals together, but with composites, no mercury is needed, which can cause safety concerns with individuals.

– Dental composites are much more likely to prevent tooth fractures than dental amalgams can.

– Oftentimes, tooth decay occurs near the margins of teeth, which can cause seepage with dental amalgams, but composites can seal edges much closer to the margins, thus making them more resistant to leaks.

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