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Your teeth are made up of several different sections, structures which contribute to the health and function of your smile. Keep reading to learn more about the different areas of a tooth.


This part of the tooth is located above the gum line. It is surrounded by strong, enamel tissue and is used to help you speak, chew, and smile. The shape of your crown also determines the function of the tooth.


These sections extend under the gum line and help to keep the tooth in place. Your incisors and canines have one root, your premolars have two or three, and your molars have three or four. The roots are covered with a yellow, cementum tissue.

Tooth Neck

This area is simply where the tooth crown and roots meet, often near the gum line.

Pulp Chamber

This is a hollow space located in the center of the dentin tissue that makes up the majority of your tooth’s structure. The chamber holds the nerves, connective fibers, and blood vessels that are the pulp tissue, which keeps your tooth healthy.

Root Canals

These areas extend along the inner structure of your tooth roots, allowing the pulp tissue to enter the tooth and run up into the pulp chamber.