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Have you recently lost a tooth and are looking for a highly reliable tooth replacement? Thanks to modern dentistry, several options are available to improve and repair your smile. Through the use of dentures, dental implants or dental bridges, replacements can be administered to give you the smile that you’ve lost.

As with all tooth-colored restorations, dentures can be crafted to complete your smile without altering its look tremendously. Dentures can be crafted for as little as a single tooth or can even be crafted for entire rows of teeth. If you’re looking for a multi-functional tooth prosthetic that is detachable, dentures are a wonderful choice.

For a more permanent treatment that requires no food restrictions, dental implants are directly placed into your jawbone. When a dental implant is attached, it can hold strong and even strengthen further over time, thanks to a process known as Osseointegration. Dental implants do require a straw jawbone for proper applications.

Furthermore, dental bridges can be anchored to nearby or neighboring teeth in areas that once housed missing teeth. Once a dental bridge is in place, it can help prevent tooth slippage and work to restore your smile.

If you would like to learn more about replacing lost or missing teeth, schedule an appointment with Trinity Dental Center, by contacting us at our dental office in Anderson, South Carolina. Our number is 864-642-4630. Dr. Robert Berkowitz and our team look forward to crafting you the smile of your dreams!