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Would you be surprised to hear that having gaps in your smile can be embarrassing? If you’d like to treat a gap in your teeth, there are several things you may need to consider. For instance, if you have a small gap, a veneer or bonding may be enough. A restoration is an option you might need to consider if you’re missing a tooth. There are also a number of restorations that could meet your individual needs, but when you choose your ideal restoration, please remember to consider an implant.

As you may have guessed, implants can actually improve the look of your smile. Implants are also made to match the appearance of your other teeth. Your implants are also designed to match the color of your pearly whites. Like many restorations, an implant can also help you chew comfortably again. After an implant is placed, you’ll also be able to pronounce certain sounds and speak clearly again, which may be difficult if you are missing one of your pearly whites.

Unlike many restorations, implants are generally easy to replace if they’re damaged. Implants will also last for many years. Some patients who have an implant placed can actually enjoy their restoration for the rest of their lives. You can also care for your implant just like you will your natural teeth. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a dental implant in Anderson, South Carolina, please feel free to call Trinity Dental Center at 864-642-4630. Dr. Robert Berkowitz and our team look forward to meeting with you!