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Would you like to learn about holistic dentistry? As a holistic dental practice, Trinity Dental Center, we can offer you the basics of this unique and special branch of dentistry.

Holistic dentistry literally means approaching teeth treatment in the context of a whole person. We look at our patient’s’ entire well-being, drawing from both Western-based science and technology and Eastern-based natural healing traditions. We offer direction on tooth-health nutrition, what toxic dental materials to steer clear of, and other alternative health practices and principles.

Many dentists utilize mercury bound metal amalgams to treat larger cavities. Not only are these not very aesthetic, but the mercury that binds together the various metals in the filling can be unsafe. That’s why we at Trinity Dental Center use composite resin fillings. They are harmless and can be color-matched to blend in with the rest of your smile.

Trinity Dental Center recommends great caution when using any product containing fluoride. At certain levels, fluoride can create a condition called fluorosis. Here the tooth enamel can be damaged, creating white spots on the teeth and in severe cases, brown spots and more severe damage.

Would you like to learn more about holistic dentistry? You can book a visit to our dental office in Anderson, South Carolina? Just phone at 864-642-4630 to book an appointment. We would be overjoyed to meet you.