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If you have been feeling the need to have a cavity filled, there are different kinds available. How do you know which type is right for you? There are several fillings that all do the same thing—they restore damaged teeth. Whether you have a fractured tooth, tooth decay or any kind of damaged tooth surface, dental fillings will restore them, allowing you to bite and chew properly.

Gold Fillings
Gold fillings have historically been around the longest and are made of gold and copper, among others. They are extremely durable, but are also more costly than other types and they tend to stand out in your mouth.

Amalgam Fillings
Another common choice is amalgam fillings. They are made from a variety of metals which include silver, copper, and mercury. They are stronger than composite resins, but the trade-off is that they are more visible as well. They are usually most affordable of all filling types so they will keep your budget happy.

Composite Resin Fillings
These dental fillings have become very popular in our modern age with the latest technology. Made from glass, quartz and plastic, they are white and blend right in with your natural teeth. They are quite strong and don’t crack easily, which allows you to keep eating your favorite foods.

The placement of your filling is another factor to help you decide which filling to use. You might want gold or amalgam fillings on the back teeth where they are least visible, and where your teeth do the most chewing action. Composite teeth are nice for the more visible and less used front teeth.

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