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A repeated exertion of pressure by biting down on solids can cause cracks to develop in your teeth. Some examples of such things are ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candy. If a person has developed habits such as jaw clenching or constantly grinding their teeth, the chances are also high they will eventually crack a tooth. Thankfully, several treatment options are available to fix cracked teeth.

Dental fillings or dental veneers are used to treat mild cracks in the tooth. The dental filling is easily applied to the crack and can be completed in one visit. Dental veneers offer more stability to the tooth while costing the patient more, and will require the patient to schedule a follow-up appointment for its application.

Dental crowns are the best treatment option for larger cracks in order to replace the strength and stability that the tooth lost due to the crack. If a larger crack has reached down into the soft material of the tooth known as the pulp, a root canal will be necessary. This is because the pulp contains soft material including blood vessels and nerve endings that can be infected. A root canal helps prevent the infection from occurring.

If the crack is too large for the tooth to be saved, you can replace it with a dental bridge or implant after its extraction.

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