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cause problems including gum disease, also known as periodontal disease? Oftentimes, gum tissue infections can arise through a pregnancy simply because individuals may begin to neglect their oral health care.

Although there are several risks that can often arise from a pregnancy, it is important to continue to clean out your mouth. Due to a lack of proper oral hygiene care, an individual may end up suffering from additional health risks associated with it, including preeclampsia, premature delivery or gestational diabetes. To help lower your risk for these issues, always make sure that you routinely clean out your mouth every day, including brushing twice daily and flossing daily too. If you are struggling to clean the areas between your teeth with traditional interdental cleaning tools such as dental floss, try switching to a water flosser. Furthermore, visit our dentist for regular visits while you’re pregnant and let them know of any prenatal vitamins and medications you are taking.

When you are ready to schedule additional restorations and cleanings with Trinity Dental Center at our dental office in Anderson, South Carolina, you can call us at 864-642-4630. Dr. Robert Berkowitz and our entire team look forward to caring your smile while pregnant.