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Trinity Dental Center is happy to provide non-drug treatment in Anderson, South Carolina, to help manage your oral health and alleviate discomfort. For those suffering with TMJ-related pain, Dr. Robert Berkowitz may suggest an NTI appliance. Unlike most night guards, this bite guard helps stop clenching before it starts, essentially training your muscles to relax. As such, an NTI appliance can be an effective aid in relief from headaches and migraines.

The Aqualizer® is another product we provide for non-drug treatment. This revolutionary device allows the body to naturally alleviate TMJ discomfort. It is a temporary splint used for pain relief, functional improvement, and to help diagnose how much the dental bite is the source of any problems. When patients bite down on the liquid-filled Aqualizer®, the fluid is evenly distributed across the entire bite. The Aqualizer® allows for a perfect bite on the first try, and dental splints made from this bite are incredibly effective, predictable, and require far less adjustments. Through ideal occlusion, this incredible device facilitates relief naturally and automatically.

There are many other non-drug treatments that can help with TMJ pain, some of which include:

  • Jaw Muscle Control: If you avoid the overuse of jaw muscles, your jaw has a better chance at relaxing and healing on its own. Your dentist also recommends eating soft and small foods and avoiding chewing gum.
  • Stretching and Massage: There are many stretches and massages that can aid in relieving tension in your jaw. If you talk to your dentist during your next appointment at Trinity Dental, he will be able to demonstrate the proper techniques to help you.
  • Heat or Cold: The use of a heating pack or ice pack can help alleviate pain if you follow the directions given by your dentist.

To learn more about our non-drug treatment or to schedule an appointment with the dentist, please do not hesitate to contact us at 864-642-4630!

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