Shopping for the Right Toothpaste

You already know how essential it is to brush your teeth twice a day, but are you brushing with the right toothpaste for you? There are certain things to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping: First and foremost, look for the “ADA Seal”on the package container. This means... Read more »

Why Do I Have a Toothache?

Toothaches are common, but that doesn’t discount the pain they cause. Some are just annoying, but others can be so painful that you have to stay home from work or school. When you have a toothache in Anderson, South Carolina, it’s best to try to find the cause so you... Read more »

Doing More for Your Smile

There are three foundational ways to care for your smile: brush your teeth at least twice daily, floss once daily, and visit your dentist regularly. If you’ve already got these habits in the bag, you’re on the right track. But do you ever wish you could do more for your... Read more »

Treating Chronic Bad Breath Often Calls for Identifying the Underlying Cause

Acute bad breath can often be the result of consuming pungent foods and beverages. In most of these cases brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash will often clear up the problems. Chronic bad breath condition can sometimes be a more significant problem. In some of these cases,... Read more »

Your Routine Dental Checkup Is Essential for Maintaining Good Oral Health

The long term health of your mouth can have a significant impact on your overall quality of life. Your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing is important for preventing cavities and periodontal health problems. At the same time, it is recommended to have a dental checkup and cleaning... Read more »

Stop Cavities Before They Start

If you’re in the habit of getting cavities, there’s a way out. Stop them before they start with cavity prevention techniques. These techniques fall into two main categories: your oral hygiene routine and your diet. When we speak of your oral hygiene routine, we’re talking about what you’ve likely been... Read more »

Tooth-Healthy Diet Tips

Dr. Robert Berkowitz and our team in Anderson, South Carolina, know that what we eat has direct ramifications on our oral health. Today we would like to share some tips for a tooth-healthy diet with you: Do: Eat lots of calcium-rich foods.  Calcium is vital for your oral health. Calcium... Read more »

Options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common yet serious sleep disorder involving failed breathing while you sleep. Sleep apnea not only affects your sleep patterns, but it can also put you at risk for serious health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure. If you do have Obstructive Sleep Apnea,... Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Dental Fillings

Have you ever speculated what the distinct types of dental fillings are? Although there are numerous varieties of dental fillings, amalgams and composites remain some of the most prolific, effective, and safe filling services in dentistry. The best smiles are possible with the care that dental fillings can provide. Facts... Read more »

The Battle of Bad Breath

Ever since advertising was invented, there have been commercials about bad breath. Bad breath, or halitosis has been problem for as long as people have been standing next to one another. It’s embarrassing, and awkward but you can do something about it. What causes bad breath? It can be any... Read more »