Options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common yet serious sleep disorder involving failed breathing while you sleep. Sleep apnea not only affects your sleep patterns, but it can also put you at risk for serious health problems, including high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure. If you do have Obstructive Sleep Apnea,... Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Dental Fillings

Have you ever speculated what the distinct types of dental fillings are? Although there are numerous varieties of dental fillings, amalgams and composites remain some of the most prolific, effective, and safe filling services in dentistry. The best smiles are possible with the care that dental fillings can provide. Facts... Read more »

The Battle of Bad Breath

Ever since advertising was invented, there have been commercials about bad breath. Bad breath, or halitosis has been problem for as long as people have been standing next to one another. It’s embarrassing, and awkward but you can do something about it. What causes bad breath? It can be any... Read more »

Keep Tooth Hazards at Bay

If you wish for your smile to survive the ages, it is important to care for your teeth at all times beyond brushing and flossing daily. Environmental factors can destroy a lifetime’s worth of work with a single oral accident, so be sure to always exercise caution when it comes... Read more »

Fill out Your Facial Structure with Dental Bridges

Fill out your facial structure with dental bridges. Dental bridges are a decidedly effective form of tooth replacement therapy designed to accurately fill in voids left behind by missing and lost teeth by directly attaching to nearby or neighboring teeth for a durable hold that will last. Dental bridges look... Read more »

How Dental Implants Can Help Your Smile

Would you be surprised to hear that having gaps in your smile can be embarrassing? If you’d like to treat a gap in your teeth, there are several things you may need to consider. For instance, if you have a small gap, a veneer or bonding may be enough. A... Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth? We Can Help!

If you’re interested in protecting your smile, you might understand that there are a few simple steps you’ll need to take. For instance, you may also understand that brushing and flossing every day and scheduling regular appointments with our dental team are important. Still, did you know that other common... Read more »

Common Questions About Acidic Foods

Which acidic foods can damage your smile? Are all acids dangerous for your smile and which ingredients in food can be converted into harmful acids within your mouth? For more information, listed below are some common questions about acidic foods: Dental erosion can be caused by which of the following?... Read more »

Dental Emergency: What You Should Do

We understand that any emergency can be very stressful and that anyone can have a dental emergency. Luckily, if you know how to respond to a dental emergency, this uncomfortable experience may be easier to cope with. If you lose a tooth, please feel free to contact us as soon... Read more »

Why Choose Composite Fillings

If you have a cavity, you must choose which kind of filling you can use to treat it with. With small to medium-sized fillings, tooth-colored fillings, also called composite fillings, tend to work best whereas, with large cavities, dental amalgams are the preferred method of treatment. Listed below are some... Read more »