Oral First-Aid Might Be Needed While Seeking Treatment

Sometimes a simple safety feature like treading the steps in your home or wearing a protective mouth guard during sports can save you from suffering significant oral trauma. If you do suffer an accidental blow to the mouth, you might need to administer some basic first-aid measure while you seek... Read more »

Treating a Small Cavity with a Dental Filling

Lingering bacterial deposits from poor oral hygiene habits can lead to increased plaque acids and hardened tartar development at the gumline. If this problem isn't addressed by making improvements in your daily routine and a professional dental cleaning, it could increase your chances of suffering from gum disease and cavities.... Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Practices Are the First Step in Gum Disease Prevention

Gum disease typically starts out with periodontal tissues that appear inflamed, or bleed easily when brushing. At the same time, many gum disease sufferers also experience problems with chronic bad breath. If you have noticed any of these symptoms you should schedule an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Robert... Read more »

Preventing Cavities

Time and care are factors in cavity prevention. The amount of time that substances that cause tooth decay remain on your teeth can play a key role in the health of your teeth and gums. You should limit snacking throughout the day and avoid sticky and chewy foods that can... Read more »

Bad Breath Causes to Be Aware Of

Have you been experiencing dragon breath? Bad breath can be a real damper on your social life. If you are at a loss as to how what is causing your bad breath, never fear! Our dentist and team are excited to go over some of the common causes of bad... Read more »

Dental Damage Prevention

Are you aware of the risk factors for dental damage that can arise from your day to day life? Because we often take the time to focus exclusively on oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing, it may be possible to forget about other forms of dental damage. Even... Read more »

Benefits of Interdental Brushes

If you find regular flossing difficult or uncomfortable, you might consider interdental brushes. Interdental brushes have bristled picks meant to perform all the actions of flossing but in potentially more convenient ways. They can be very useful for people who find regular flossing methods hard or impossible. Interdental brushes are... Read more »

Diet and Oral Health

In January, New Year’s Resolutions often put a focus on positive lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a proper diet. We know that proper nutrition is important for energy and the functioning of our bodies, but have you ever stopped to consider how nutrition affects your mouth? The best way to... Read more »

How Veneers Are Applied

If you have been looking into veneers for your front teeth, we can give you more insight into how they are applied. The process usually involves two appointments, but the wait can produce natural-looking results. The first step is for the dentist to shave off some of the enamel on... Read more »

Energy & Sport’s Drinks: Why They’re Bad on Your Teeth

You probably know that eating sugar and acidic foods are not the best for your oral health. Drinking supposedly healthy drinks, such as energy or sport’s drinks, even fruit juices, such as lemonade, can cause the worst problems. Researchers studied these effects over a 13-year-period, with a variety of non-cola... Read more »