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If you find regular flossing difficult or uncomfortable, you might consider interdental brushes. Interdental brushes have bristled picks meant to perform all the actions of flossing but in potentially more convenient ways. They can be very useful for people who find regular flossing methods hard or impossible.

Interdental brushes are similar to toothbrushes but are meant for flossing between your teeth. They are thin enough to get into the gaps of your teeth comfortably. Interdental brushes come in different sizes and shapes. The brushing heads come in either a cone or a round shape. They come with a variety of features, such as grips or no grips, shorter or longer handles, and smaller or larger sizes. You can select whichever type works for you.

Another useful feature is that the brushes can be used multiple times. With regular floss, it is best to throw away the portions that you have used. With these brushes, you can rinse them out and save them for future use. You may try an interdental brush if you think it may be easier than normal flossing. Of course, some people may have extreme difficulty when it comes to flossing, and this brush can help them perform this necessary step in oral hygiene much more easily.

If you have a condition that makes moving difficult, and it interferes with flossing, you might consider this brush to continue flossing with greater ease. If you have braces or are looking to get braces, you can slide this brush around and over the braces to clean things out more easily. Also, if you have teeth with large gaps and highly uneven surfaces or have receding gum lines, this brush might make flossing easier as well.

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