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In this modern dentistry age, there are very few dental ailments that cannot be treated. If your smile is broken, chances are very high that we can fix it. Here are some examples below:

– When your tooth enamel has been penetrated by bacteria, cavities form. Cavities can be treated with dental fillings, which fill the space and prevent future damage from occurring.
– A dental crown can cover, protect, and strengthen a tooth that is broken or otherwise damaged. It can drastically improve both the appearance of a tooth and its functionality. It may even save bits of teeth that otherwise would have needed extracting.
– In order to improve the appearance of teeth with aesthetic flaws, dental veneers can be bonded to the front of the teeth.
– If your teeth are yellowed or stained, try a professional in-office whitening treatment. The color shade of your teeth can be transformed by almost ten full shades in a single visit.

Don’t delay in visiting our team at Trinity Dental Center for restoration treatments for damaged or broken teeth. To book an appointment with Dr. Robert Berkowitz and our team at our dentist office in Anderson, South Carolina, just call us at 864-642-4630. We look forward to helping you soon!